Our new house has lots of windows, with lots of brand-new window blinds. That means lots of window blind cords — and, to parents, those are serious business. That stats about kids strangled by the cords each month are pretty disturbing.

So I was really happy to find these fabulous window blind cord winders by one of our favorite, eco-friendly childproofing company. In fact, they may be the only eco-friendly childproofing company.

Window blind cord winders help childproof dangerous window cords

The window blind cord winders from Rhoost, made of non-toxic, BPA-free, 100% recyclable plastic, require absolutely zero tools to install–all you do is loop the cords securely through the appropriate slots, and it shortens a potentially dangerous cord to something worry-free provided you keep them high enough.

Oh, and these little gadgets make it so that winding up a cord takes–seriously–less than 20 seconds. Which is literally nothing–but even more so when you think about how much peace of mind you’ll have after doing it.

Wind window cords up and away from your kids with blind cord winders from Rhoost