NuComfort memory foam stroller padThere have been many times when I’ve wanted nothing more for my baby to just chill and take a snooze in the buggy when all he does is fuss. But now that I’ve discovered this new stroller pad that is so comfortable, I’m tempted to sit on it myself.

The new NuComfort Memory Foam Stroller Pads from Tivoli Couture
are lined with high density memory foam to give your little peanut a
luxurious ride. It self-adjusts to your child’s body and
helps with shock absorption–a huge plus when navigating bumpy city blocks
and rough terrain in my neighborhood.

But it’s not all about a cushy ride; one of the great benefits of any stroller liner is that it protects your stroller
upholstery from wear and tear, which can give you a better resale value. Or heck, it can just keep you from having to buy a whole new one when the next baby comes along.

These liners are also fun to look at, with funky patterns like skulls, argyle and fleur de lis. But really what I love looking at it is my little guy in his stroller, totally relaxed. -Melissa

Memory Foam Stroller Pads from Tivoli Couture are $79 at