Pop-up baby clothes
Who doesn’t love an old fashioned pop up book? For Jane of the Etsy shop Little Blue Frogs, her childhood love of pop up books resurfaced when she had kids of her own, and lucky for us, her fascination resulted in a crafty and completely adorable collection of Pop Up t-shirts for baby. 

Nature-loving parents can choose from designs like puffy clouds and sun or a leaf and ladybug while hipsters can indulge in the retro record album and music note combo. I personally can’t decide which one I like best, but even this music lover finds the cloud
and plane pairing is awfully cute.

Plus, these shirts are cozy and
soft which scores big points with me. This is one perfect little gift
item for boys and girls alike, clever and sweet.- Stephanie M

Shop the full collection of baby Pop Up Tops at the Little Blue Frogs Etsy shop and see what Jane has been up to.

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