Back after the sad demise of neon in the 80s, I really thought I would never thought I would see neon again. Boy George, was I wrong. And now even Bugaboo is getting into the neon action, and it puts the boom boom into my heart.

Personally, I think the new NEON POP collection is absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful navy fabric and Bugaboo’s first-ever navy chassis on the Cameleon are complemented by striking hits of fluorescent red on the wheels, zippers, buckles and more.

neon bugaboo cameleon

The best part is that even if your love affair with neon was as short-lived as my fifth grade dalliance with a lime FRANKIE SAYS RELAX sweatshirt, these neon accents are subtle. It’s certainly a lot less showy than the Bugaboo Missoni collection.

In other words, unlike my sweatshirt, the stroller won’t go out of style in a week. – Stephanie S.

The Bugaboo Cameleon NEON will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom, starting next week. And if you’re a bit of a neon commitment-phobe, just grab the Neon footmuff that will also be available.

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