undercover tapeListen, there are some fabulous clothing companies out there who are making cute kids’ clothes with sensory sensitivities in mind (oh, Soft Clothing, how we love thee). But sometimes your kiddo has to wear something specific, like a school uniform. Or he has a t-shirt he loves because it has that great picture on it, but the tag is itchy, so you cut the tag off for him, but then he complains that where the tag used to be is itchy, and you go through this over and over because he wants to wear it but it “feels funny.”

(Uh, not that we’ve ever been through that. Much.)

The simple solution will make you wonder why someone didn’t come up with it sooner.

Undercover Tape
is essentially a bandage for anything that needs smoothing on your
kiddo’s clothing. It’s a super-sticky (but don’t worry,
non-residue-leaving), cloth-like tape that can be applied to clothes
only where you need it. Fix that annoying tag, or make those pokey
shoulder seams lie flat. Whatever it is, Undercover Tape can turn any
piece of clothing into something comfy. They say it’ll last for up to eight
cycles through the washer/dryer, too. So far we’ve tried one trip through the
laundry here, and it’s still soft and smooth.

Keep the Band-Aids on hand for the boo-boos, but keep the Undercover Tape on hand for the “this shirt is itchy”s. There are a lot of kids (and moms) who will super appreciate it. -Mir

You can buy Undercover Tape online, or check out their list of retailers.