My kids and I are suckers for cool lunch boxes and bento boxes.  We are constantly stealing each others–they take my “sophisticated” boxes and sometimes I borrow Hello Kitty.

And now here’s another amazing bento box that anyone of any age will love.

When I first saw the Takenaka Bento Box, I was floored! The design is sleek and sophisticated enough for me to take to work, while the multiple color choices keep them fun for the kiddos.  Each box comes with a removable divider, making it a breeze to keep the carrot sticks away from the apple slices.

Bento box in red

You can choose between nine bright colors.

Bento box in yellow

I’m not sure how you could choose just one though. I’ve only been able to narrow it down to four, myself.

Bento box package

Even the packaging is fantastic, isn’t it? Happy bento-ing! And if you buy them for your kids, good luck keeping your own hands off them. – Kirsten

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