Caspar Babypants Hot Dog!When Caspar Babypants burst onto the kindie music scene, I remember thinking it was cool that this Presidents of the United States of America lead singer had dipped his toe into the kindie pool with this little side project. Now, four years and five CD’s later, it’s pretty clear that he’s going to swim in this pool for a while. Lucky us!

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Caspar Babypants’ latest Hot Dog! is another jam-packed collection of happy tunes for little kids and their parents to sing, dance, clap and bang pots along with for just over 47 minutes. OK, maybe just bang the pots for one song.
For those of you new to Caspar Babypants’ type of music, you may remember songs like Lump, Peaches or Kitty from his Presidents of the USA days. Take those catchy hooks and crazy lyrics, reinterpret them for the preschool set, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the type of music you’ll hear: Nineteen songs that don’t take themselves too seriously, but with a sweetness that takes ordinary things and puts them into the starring roles. 
It makes me laugh to think that we’re singing along to the quick-stepping (or is that squashing?) ode to the Sugar Ant, or a light-blues ditty called Boot Got Grounded which is, yes, about a boot.
I also love how he also takes common melodies and puts his own twist onto them like in This Old Whale which uses This Old Man as a backbone. And the military call-and-response chant More Moles will have everyone shouting back to the speaker as they march around the room.
If you’ve never purchased a Caspar Babypants CD, you can pick up any one of his five CD’s and be assured you have your hands on some great family music. And for those who already have a little collection of his CD’s started, this is definitely one you’ll want to add. –Christina
Order a copy of Caspar Babypants’ Hot Dog! before May 17, 2012 and he’ll autograph the CD for you! Only applicable to orders placed through his website. Hot Dog! is also sold at our affiliate Amazon.