Kids' hooded towels with a snap

Standard hoodie bath towels for kids seem to have one major drawback: they slip off. Once you let your damp toddler loose, there’s no way that towel’s staying on that newly clean little head.

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So the new Bella Bundles collection of hoodie towels is really nothing short of magic.  
addition to being soft, plush, and super-absorbent, the towels come with
a key ingredient to stay-on-age: a snap a few inches under the chin. Brilliant. The towels stay on! 
they’re available in some of the coolest prints around–think gorgeous
damask and mod flower patterns instead of weirdly illustrated farm animals. Plus they go way beyond the tub; I’m
planning on toting our towel to our beach vacation this year.
and here’s a very big bonus: from behind, your kid looks like the
world’s tiniest, cutest wizard toddling around in one of these. See?
Magic. -Lexi

Wrap your clean toddler (sizes infant to 5T) in one of these hoodie towels for kids from Bella Bundles. Exclusive discount code for CMP readers: use code COOLMOM15 to get 15% off your order for a limited time.

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