Tw1n onesies from Snug AttackLooking for a cool twin baby gift? Move over, Baby A and Baby B. You, too, Thing 1 and Thing 2. We found a clever new way to proudly proclaim your twin status on your chest. 

Our friends at mom and pop design shop Snug Attack are back with even more fun, handprinted styles to make being two-of-a-kind totally different. The Tw1n/Twi2 designs are available in four different permutations to differentiate twin boys and girls who were first and last in that race from the womb.

With onesies running from 3 months to 24 months and tees from 2T to 6T, typography and number geeks can keep track of their tw1ns for y3ars–or at least until they demand to be called Max and Hannah instead .~Delilah

Find a great section of twin onesies and tees–even designs for singletons–at Snug Attack by twelvezeroseven.