Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids - surfer styles
Cynthia Rowley’s back in the Band-Aid business, and this time, she skipped the mall and gone straight to the beach.

If you recall the last Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids, you’ll know how quickly these blingy bandages are going to sell out. The collection features eight sunny, colorful designs from sunsets to sharks to, no suprise here– the designer’s logo. (Your call on that one.)

They’re available only in the Cynthia Rowley Beach Sport Kit, which also includes Neosporin single use packets, and a waterproof, resealable plastic pouch that’s apparently pretty handy for keeping your smartphone dry.

They are a little pricey for Band-Aids. But we’re always fans of reasonable ways to enjoy a little designer bling that can give you a lift, and we love how cute and handy this little kit will be at the beach. Maybe even for an affordable beach house hostess gift?

It’s also a pleasant surprise to see waterproof bandages with beautifully rendered sea creatures instead of the usual licensed characters and neon colors. Plus, come on. Jellyfish Band-Aid! ~Delilah

Find the Cynthia Rowley Beach Sport Kit, at hear it will soon be available on our affiliate, Amazon.

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