We’ve loved Rockin’ Baby Slings ever since they started rockin’ the baby sling world with their simple, stylish designs that are great for even beginners. And now they’re doing it again with a gorgeous new line of fabrics for their ring slings and pouches, along with a brand new commitment to helping mothers in Haiti.

Thanks to their Mother to Mother Initiative, any sling you buy means another will be donated to a Haitian mother in need. Baby slings can actually be the difference of life and death there, where a mother needs to carry her child along to find fresh water and to breastfeed on demand.

While website and business model of Rockin’ Baby has changed, the stylish and beautifully made slings haven’t. Whether you go for a pouch (Kristen’s favorite!) or a ring sling (Delilah’s favorite!), you know you’re getting a sling that’s been well-tested, that’s adjustable, and that’s constructed in Richmond, VA of fabrics unique to Rockin’ Baby. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Peacock Johnny pouch

Check out those beautiful, mod feather designs on the Peacock Johnny pouch, which reverses to navy. Like all of their pouches, it’s 100% cotton, and is cleverly adjustable to three sizes with zippers, which is hard to come by in a pouch. That means that you can make it a little bit smaller as you lose the baby weight. Heh. Plus each one has a handy little slot for carrying an extra diaper.

Discotheque Sling

The Discotheque Sling reverses to black with a pocket on both sides of the tail. I loved ring slings with my first baby because they’re even more adjustable than pouches and have that nice long tail if you want to cover up while nursing, so you don’t give the old ladies in Target a heart attack. And this design reminds me of an IKEA pillow in the best possible way.

Flower Child pouch

If you dig that peace, love, and happiness thing, not to mention happily sleeping babies, the Flower Child pouch is for you, which reverses to black if you’re feeling more 80s than 60s.

Orange Hero Sling

The Orange Hero Sling might be the most special of all, because it’s the very one being donated in Haiti for any purchase you make. Slingin’ your baby stylishly has never felt so good. Warm, rockin’ fuzzies all around. –Delilah 

Check out the new baby slings at the Rockin’ Baby website, where each purchase donates an Orange Hero Sling to a Haitian mother in need.