Modern kids' table and bench setWhen my kids have their friends over, they end up taking rule over my entire house. Every room becomes their room and every chair becomes their chair. Not that I mind but I can see why decorating experts recommend having a designated area for the kids, with their own designated kid-friendly table and chairs.

This stylish children’s table and bench set from Jennifer Delonge
is child-sized and perfect for your little ones to have dominion over. It will look good in any modern home, in any room that has the space
for it. It comes in 5 different beautiful tabletop colors
(love the green!) and is totally made with non-toxic, formaldehyde-free
materials and finishes  Your kids will love using this for meal
time, art time and even homework.

And because it’s a bench, no
need to scramble for extra chairs when you have playdates or visiting
cousins; I’d bet more than a few cute little butts could squeeze onto
those benches. – Kirsten

Shop this children’s bench set and more gorgeous furniture at Jennifer Delonge. It’s not cheap–this is real, well-made, non-disposable furniture.