I have a big love for finding the perfect hostess gifts for those overnight or weekend invitations that crop up over the summer–if we’re lucky. (Hint: feel free to invite us! My kids eat nothing and we bring good hostess gifts.)

While some friends have very specific interests and are easy to shop for, some require something a little more general. So I’m happy to have found hostess gift central, all in one cool online shop.

Canoe online, the online offshoot of the popular Portland store, is well-curated with charming, lovely, and often unusual items from all over the world. Here, just a few ideas inspired by their collection. Just add a little something extra, and make the gift that much more thoughtful.

Above: The handmade, unscented soy tealight set + a few pretty votive holders.

Hostess gift ideas: wooden juicer

Cherry wood citrus juicer + a basket full of oranges or Meyer lemons.

Hostess gift ideas: Eclipse bottle opener

Japanese Eclipse Bottle Opener + a 12-pack of your favorite microbrews or locally made sodas.

Hostess gift ideas: teak trivet

A Danish teak trivet + a recipe journal or favorite grilling cookbook

Hostess gift ideas: handmade cat toys

Affordable handmade pet toys for the resident four-legged friend + a box of healthy doggie or kitty treats.

Hostess gift ideas: aluminum ice cream scoop

A classic aluminum ice cream scoop + a few pints of something indulgent.

Hostess gift ideas: eena garden tote

The Portland-made garden tote + a package of favorite seeds.

With any luck, you’ll get an invitation back next year too. –Liz

For more ideas, don’t miss our Pinterest board just for hostess gifts!


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