All On A Sunday Afternoon kids' music album by Sugar Free AllstarsIf I had to pick a CD to take with my family onto a desert island this summer, it’d be the Sugar Free Allstars’ latest release. The ten tracks pack a whole lot of funky deliciousness into 36 minutes, with lyrics that always perk us up and make us smile—which would come in handy as we look for coconuts and leave messages in bottles.

{keep reading for a chance to win a copy!}

All on a Sunday Afternoon’s title may sound like music created for hammock swinging, but it’s better suited for a playful backyard cookout or post-bath dance party. And for you children of the 70’s, like me, you’ll find much to love from this duo who incorporate all the cool sounds of that era without any of the polyester ick.

What makes the pairing of Chris “Boom!” Wiser and Rob “Dr Rock” Martin sound so different in the world of awesome kindie music is the Hammond B3 organ that we loved so much in their last release, paired with rocking drums, and Chris’ unique voice. 
Ranging from soul to funk to gospel, their sound will appeal to all ages, though their lyrics definitely speak to the kids. My son laughs every time he hears Hiccup which would be hilarious to see live, and Ice Cream Truck is a perfect-for-summer ode. And I adore their remake of the Talking Heads’ Stay Up Late, and their nod to the O’Jays in Love Train. Less successful for me are the slower songs like Ready To Give Up Teddy or Very Best Friend, though I suppose everyone needs some downtime now and then.
But to get you back on your feet, 99 Questions has Chris Wiser as a singing preacher of sorts, asking all those important questions our kids want to know in a hands-clapping revival—you can almost see the gowned chorus singing backup as he stands at the pulpit. This song alone will make you a believer in the Sugar Free Allstars’ music. Christina

Grab a copy of the Sugar Free Allstars’ All on a Sunday Afternoon from CD Baby. Included with the CD is a bonus full-length concert DVD.  And don’t miss the cool stop-motion video for Gotta Get Up which also includes the voices of Shawana Kemp from Shine and the Moonbeams and Jack Forman from Recess Monkey.

Congratulations to Shara L!  She won a copy of the Sugar Free Allstars’ All on a Sunday Afternoon CD and DVD.