Considering how well the drawer organization stickers we found have been working for my kids, I thought it might be cool to try some new storage organization around our house thanks to a little inspiration from this tutorial at See Jane Work.

DIY Silhouette storage box tutorial

Now I’m not exactly the craftiest mom on the block, but even I think I could make these DIY silhouette storage boxes  which would be an awesome addition to our family room. Unfortunately, as much as I try to organize our bins by category, without labels they end up becoming a jumbled mess by the end of the week. 
DIY silhouette storage bin tutorial
This particular tutorial involves IKEA shelves, Target bins, a few printables, and some paint, but depending on your needs, you could probably get creative home with a simple bin (pictured above) or something you already own. Either way, the results are pretty fabulous, and even better, budget friendly. Here’s hoping they actually encourage my kids to put things back where they belong. We can all hope, right? -Kristen
To make your own storage boxes, check out the DIY silhouette storage tutorial on See Jane Work’s blog