wee society personal name printsCan’t find an “K is for Kunegunda” art print for your little one’s nursery? We’ve got just the thing.

You can even add a special message for baby Kunegunda, if you’d like. Kustomizing is kool, you know.

The Wee Alphas Personalized Prints from Wee Society are one of the most customizable options we’ve seen for high-quality baby name artwork. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a different adorable animal whose shape is a sly nod to the letter. But everything else on the print? Well, that’s up to you.

(Yeah, I thought you’d like that.)

You choose the name–all caps or lowercase–and a cute phrase to go below it. You can also go with nothing at all, or one of their two stock phrases, but why not take the opportunity to make it special? Liz is lively and lovely, or Kristen is krazy kool, for two utterly random examples.

Also, you can just get an A, B, and C for a series of clever alphabet prints for a yet-to-be-named baby.

Wee Alphas personalized animal alphabet name prints | Wee Society

Wee Alphas personalized animal alphabet name prints | Wee Society

The only complaint: You’re limited to the animal that spells out the first initial. So even if Chloe loves unicorns, unless your change her name to Ursula, she’s getting a chipmunk.

Your personalized print will be printed on 100% heavy cotton museum-quality paper in archival pigment inks and finished with an embossed seal. They’re definitely not cheap, and they come unframed. But they’re beautiful, timeless, and guaranteed one of a kind. Just like your kid, right? –Delilah

Find the Wee Alphas Personalized Prints at Wee Society as well as a selection of non-personalized prints that are affordable and pretty cute too.

If you like this, be sure to see the Wee Alphas app.