Arlo Needs Glasses book for kids
My daughter was a bit nervous before her first trip to the eye doctor, especially since she knew there was a good chance she’d need reading glasses. Fortunately it wasn’t a scary visit, and she loves her cool new fuchsia frames, but I wish Arlo had been around back then to demystify the entire process a bit.

In the adorable pop-up, interactive board book Arlo Needs Glasses, Arlo the pooch finds he can’t see his beloved ball very well anymore. And while the story is fairly predictable–Arlo goes to the eye doctor, gets glasses, and gets his vision back–the book itself is full of surprises.

We laughed seeing Arlo’s little boy trying to remind Arlo how to catch a ball in his mouth. I love how inventive the pop-ups in the optometrist’s office are, but more importantly, it’ll let kids know that there really isn’t anything to fear about getting your eyes checked. 
After the eye exam, kids can then fit Arlo for glasses using the big pop-up of Arlo’s head. The little cardboard Movie Star, Superhero or Mad Scientist glasses are especially cute, although the frames Arlo picks are just perfect for him. And what Arlo does with his newly perfect sight will make all of us book lovers pretty happy indeed. Christina

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