Justin Roberts Lullaby
Stocking-stuffer alert for the sleep-deprived: I’m used to listening to Justin Roberts‘ songs with the kids in the car, with the volume turned up more than halfway. In my opinion, he is one of the best at sing-along choruses, clever wordplay, and high-energy kid-pop.

Turns out he’s also pretty darned good at taking the tempo down–way down–and putting us all to sleep. 

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In his 10-song CD Lullaby, Justin Roberts soothes kiddos (and weary parents) to sleep with some peaceful sheep-counting imagery, gentle love songs, and short storytelling. And while anyone under two won’t really care if the words are interesting, I appreciate hearing something thoughtful, as will older kids who might get turned off by a “babyish” lullaby CD.
Justin Roberts really knows how to set a scene. Whether it’s reminding us of the sound of rain pouring in Nothing On You, or the way a grassy field looks as sheep start jumping in Count Them As They Go, the pictures he paints with his words are simply lovely. Chicago Symphony Orchestra members join in with serene strings, harp, and horns, adding to the dreamy atmosphere. Have a listen to Polar Bear, my favorite on the CD, and you’ll experience the magic at work here.
For those of us who are already seasoned JR fans, it may take a few listens to get used to his voice in this quieter, slower incarnation. But I suspect that most little ones won’t have this problem. They’ll be too busy snoring, or blinking sleepily at their mobile overhead–while you doze off in the rocking chair nearby. Hey, it works on grownups too. Christina
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Congratulations to Diana S!  Her little ones are all set to enjoy extra-sweet sleeps with their new copy of the Justin Roberts’ Lullaby CD.  

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