Both of my kids are craft junkies. Like, major craft crazies. They could create arts and crafts all day, every day. I’m constantly rummaging through drawers and closets, trying to figure out what I could I use to create a “handmade” craft. Which never really works out for me. And unless you are a craft queen, I’m guessing that you can probably relate. So you’ll be glad to know I’ve got some good news in this particular department

Thankfully, sites like lullubee have done the dirty work for us! Lullubee craft kits are designed for basic to intermediate crafty levels. They include all the materials needed (oh, thank you!) plus a super easy-to-follow tutorial, so all you have to worry about is the fun part: creating beautiful crafts.

lullubee craft kits for kids

You will find an assortment of crafts including a stuffed deer head, a bracelet kit, and dinosaur puppets (top image). Each craft will be a blast for your little one, and you can scoop them up at reasonable prices. These kits are the perfect holiday project–and a fantastic gift for those hankering to do a bit more crafty fun with their kids. –Kirsten

Shop all-in-one craft kits for kids at lullubee.