While there’s no shortage of ideas for food gifts around the holidays (we even have six of them you can make yourself, in our Holiday Gift Guide), here’s one more I absolutely adore. But no, you can’t make them yourself. And that’s okay.

If you’re not familiar with the spectacular handmade candies from Papabubble, they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen–or tasted–before. All handmade,rolled, stretched, cut and packaged right in their NYC shop, when these gorgeous creations are packaged in little bags or 20g jars they make the most perfect gifts for friends and family you’re dropping in on all winter long.

Especially that Snowflake mix, with flavors like pear + clove, apple + cinnamon, bergamot, and of course, peppermint.

Artisan candies by Pappabubble

If you’re in NY (or Tokyo) you can drop in, or now you can finally just click and order online without calling or filling out a form. If you click on their candy page you can see just a few of the candies they make. Don’t panic when you see all the options. Take a deep breath and know I haven’t had a bad one yet. Whatever you get–and give–will
be perfect. –Liz

Grab a holiday six-pack of Papabubble candy for $40, or the snowflake mix in bags starting at $5.50 a bag at papabubbleny.com.

[montage image via serious eats]

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