We’re almost out of the stroller stage at my house (sniff), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have total stroller envy. With all the gorgeous colors and amazing features, they’ve really become as much of a style statement as they are a gear essential for parents. The next best thing to a new stroller: These new summer shades from Bugaboo.

What a cool way to snazz up your basic black Bugaboo: just add the new “Jazz Up Summer” shades, which are available for all the Bugaboo models, including the Cameleon, Donkey, and the Bee. Both the blue and gold have a fun retro-stripe pattern on the inside. And hooray for gender neutral colors and patterns, something this mom of four in particular can appreciate.

Plus, look how fun the colors look together on the Bugaboo Donkey!


While it’s nice to be able to look down and see something other than a plain, black canopy, these shades really can offer a more practical benefit of giving your older, well-loved stroller a fresh new look without the big investment. After all, you already made one of those if you own a Bugaboo. Kristen

You can purchase the new Jazz Up Summer Bugaboo Shades at select retailers starting in March. Check their sites for a shop closest to you. 

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