It’s finally here, the time when your sweet, drooly, dribbly little baby is ready to get down with some solids.


Little Duck all-natural snacks for kids on Cool Mom Picks

You go to the supermarket and marvel at the huge selection of options, scratching your head as you read the ingredients, known and unknown.

When it comes to choosing toddler and kid snacks, it’s not as simple as it should be. Sure, those gummies may be organic, but they are still gummies. And fruit’s the best snack out there, but it’s not always the most portable or sustainable. Well, thank goodness for men of action, like NYC-based dad Zach Normandian.

Zach founded Little Duck Organics, a snack company for kids. Little Duck serves up tiny bits of freeze-dried fruit in delicious pairings like strawberry and mango and blueberry and apple. All organic, 100% fruit, with no added sugar–and non-perishable, so if a snack cup goes undiscovered for a few weeks under the backseat of the car, you won’t have to deal with haz-mat removal of an entirely new ecosystem.

I’d suggest also using them to spiff up a bowl of plain cereal for older kids (or grownups, ahem).

I do have to say that the marketing is very kitschy, maybe trying a little too hard with lines on the packaging like “no added zombies” and “tastes ten times better than boogers.” (Yeah, you might not want to encourage more booger talk from your 4 year-old than you already get.) But we’ll let that slide, because the stuff is downright yummy –Stephanie M

Find healthy snacks for kids by Little Duck Organics at Whole Foods, or one of the many other retailers listed on their website.

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