When I first decorated my baby girl’s room years ago, I designed it around a giant, kitschy vintage poster that I had owned for years. It was a surprising, fun focal point–and it sure made it easier to narrow down the six zillion options for crib sheets. So I nearly flipped when I found this site which features printable vintage posters–all free!

Vintage posters for a child's room on Cool Mom Picks

Aptly named Free Vintage Posters, the selection is pretty amazing, to the tune of more than 500 free printables. I especially love the foreign language ones, but they’re all so wonderfully fun.

Printable vintage motorcross poster on Cool Mom Picks

Printable vintage zoo poster on Cool Mom Picks

Vintage basketball poster on Cool Mom Picks

How cool would a vintage motorcross print be in a baby’s room for a vibrant pop of color, instead of some generic Winnie the Pooh print? Or a 1930’s WPA print encouraging reading or athletics? Also check out categories for animal and zoo posters. Just download the high-res file and print. I can’t say for sure at what resolution they’ll print best, but I think if you stick with standard 11×14-ish sizes you’ll be good.

Printable vintage reading poster on Cool Mom Picks

Of course I will say that we’ve come a little farther in political correctness since the 1930s so don’t be surprised when you see a few racial portrayals that make you go, “Uh…” Also? The vintage movie poster for “The Cocaine Fiends” probably isn’t the best choice for a nursery.

Also, because I feel obliged to look into such things, the site disclaimer reads Images uploaded are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act which means...you’re hopefully in the clear. Just keep in mind they’re not public domain. In other words feel free to print and frame to your hearts’ content. Just don’t go printing them on Zazzle tees. –Liz

Download Free Vintage Posters online, print and frame for a fun, surprising way to decorate a child’s room.

[via designmom]

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