If you’re pining for cool shades, here’s a collection that might bamboozle you.

Because they’re made of woods like pine and bamboo.

Whether you’re on the hunt for cool frames or love collecting unusual, attention-grabbing sunglasses, I’m digging how Anni Shades delivers on style and eco-consciousness. Each pair of glasses frames is made by hand in Ohio of exotic, eco-sourced wood in a special process that’s fairly detailed, but they got me with “no stains or paints.”

The sunglasses automatically come with SOLA by Carl Zeiss lenses, or you can have your own prescription lenses dropped right in.

Del Ray specs at Cool Mom Picks!

Ryors by Anni Shades at Cool Mom Picks!

Chapman by Anni Shades at Cool Mom Picks!

Overlook by Anni Shades at Cool Mom Picks

For wooden glasses, Anni Shades swears their frames are sincerely strong and won’t suddenly fall apart if they get wet. Plus they plant a tree locally for every pair they sell. The only bad news? You can’t order them online directly from Anni Shades, but there’s a list of retailers with their own web shops.

We’d also love to see some more pics of women modeling the shades. Uh hello–we look hot in glasses! –Delilah

Check out the wooden eyewear at the Anni Shades website.