Ok, so there’s actually no wrong way to celebrate Pi Day, which is today, 3.14. (Get it?) But this option is inexpensive, functional, and calorie-free. Plus, it can help your kids learn more than the first three digits of everyone’s favorite mathematical constant.

The Pi Pencil Pack from Wacodis on Etsy brings you plenty of pretty pastel pencils printed with, well, pi. Say that three times fast–or 3.14 times fast. You get thirty pencils in colors of your choice, hand-printed with as many digits of pi as possible. And they’re not shoddy pencils, either, but No. 2 graphite with the “good” erasers, as the seller says. We’d expect no less of the perfect implement for doing math homework.

By the way, they have pencils inspired by The Princess Bride, too. Because every day is Westley Day. –Delilah

Find the Pi Pencil Class Pack from the Wacodis shop on Etsy. Shipping is free!
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