This Thursday, March 21st, we’d like you to help raise awareness about World Down Syndrome Day, not by making a donation to research (although that’s always nice), or signing a petition, or running a 5K. Instead, we ask that you and the kids find the craziest socks you’ve got, and pile them on. 

Yup, really. Join us and wear Lots of Socks on March 21st.

Lots of Socks on Cool Mom Picks


This could be perhaps my favorite awareness campaign ever, since I groove on having toasty toes. Plus, it’s so easy to do! Just find the brightest, loudest socks you can, throwing them on in multiple layers if you’d like. Or, wear three socks to visually represent that extra chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.

Need some inspiration or some new socks for the occasion? Check out some of our favorite companies for bright, comfy foot coverings:

Lots of Socks on Cool Mom Picks

top row: Sock It To Me; Pork Chop Kids, Trumpette

bottom row: Jazzy Toes, Little Miss Matched, Hank & Jojo

I know that if my kids and I all go out wearing crazy socks, we’re bound to have a few people ask us why we are wearing such attention-drawing footwear. And I’ll be happy to tell them about the people in my life with Down Syndrome, who are some of the happiest, most fun people out there. I’ll tell them about the parents I know who wouldn’t change their child for the world. And I’d tell them the story of my fellow CMP’er Eva’s brother Jacob, a guy I’d love to meet someday. 

And most importantly, I’ll think of all those who have Down Syndrome every time we kick off our shoes as we enter the house. And how much brighter the world is with them in it. Christina

Learn about Down Syndrome and World Down Syndrome Day by participating in their Lots of Socks awareness campaign on March 21.