It’s just a few days until Passover, and this awesomely clever craft idea offers one fun way to get the kids excited. Besides promising them matzoh sandwiches in their lunch for a week.

Matzoh house recipe for passover on Cool Mom Picks


We love this Passover Matzoh House found at Epicurious. A take on the non-denominational and universally beloved gingerbread house, it’s not all that hard, and Kosher as you want to be. You pretty much just need 5 sheets of matzoh (I’d say more because I tend to break them), peanut butter if that’s cool by your family, and those Kosher for Passover candies that kids have grown to love.

All the directions are on the site, and it doesn’t seem all that unmanageable. And hey, if your house falls down like mine probably would? I can’t imagine it tastes any less delicious in pieces than it does all assembled. –Liz

Find Kosher for Passover candy at Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe. And for more Passover fun for kids, check out these cute wooden Passover peg dolls.