As the happy owner to a sweet black lab who was once abandoned on the streets–and as a former animal rescue volunteer–I have a soft spot for any initiative that helps unwanted animals live a happier and healthier life. 

method on at Cool Mom Picks

This weekend, you can help those furry friends too by buying items you already need for your home. It’s so easy, that even those of you who normally sneeze when you come to my house can get in on the action.

From now through Sunday, March 24, buy any of the method cleaners from, and they will donate 15% of those sales to Best Friends Animal Society. The largest no-kill sanctuary for unwanted and abused animals, Best Friends can sure use our help to make it possible for them to continue their amazing rescue work.

Choose from one of our own favorite method cleaners to get your house ready for spring, or ilke me, go for the glass cleaner to clean off all the doggy nose prints from my glass doors. Ah, you too? –Christina

Visit between now and Sunday, March 24, and purchase method cleaners. 15% of these sales, up to $10,000, will go to Best Friends Animal Society

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