With all the fun my oldest daughter had making the DIY cross-stitch keychains and necklaces I found on Etsy, I can’t wait to try this awesome embroidery project with her.

Hand embroidery for kids on Cool Mom Picks


This amazing DIY embroidery kit for kids is perfect even for your younger but still dexterous kids since it doesn’t require a needle. Instead, it uses scoubidou tubes (don’t ask me to pronounce that!), which are thin, plastic “threads” that are easy for littler children to manipulate through the wooden holes. 


Embroidery Kit for Kids on Cool Mom PIcks

And the final product, with a little help from an adult to attach the metal hangers, is a super cool hook that can be hung in their room or playroom, or gifted to a special someone. Hooray for handmade! Kristen

You can purchase this DIY Embroidery Kit for Kids at Stedi on Etsy.

{via Handmade Charlotte}

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