When my daughter was a baby, she was a hardcore bottle protester. I went through every single bottle brand I could get my hands on at the local Target, hoping that one would magically work on the kid. Luckily, with Baby #3, I think I’ve found a bottle that I am hoping will avoid some of that hassle right from the get-go.

This line of baby bottles from Comotomo might do the trick for any baby suffering from what experts call “nipple confusion.” (anyone else hate that term and want it banned forever? Not just us? Okay). The inventive thing about these bottles is that they’re made from medical-grade silicone–the whole bottle!–making everything from the nipple to the body totally soft and squeezy like…well, you.

Hopefully, the soft material will appeal to babies who are learning to transition from breast to bottle.

Comotomo silicone baby bottles at Cool Mom Picks

The soft body can be cleaned easily–no more trying to get every nook and cranny with those bristly bottle cleaners–and that alone is worth the purchase in my book. It’s also nice to know that this BPA-free silicone material can be popped into the dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer.

The wide-mouth and dual vent system supposedly helps for babies who have colic (gah), preventing them from swallowing too much air as similar bottles also aim to do.

If Comotomo had been around when my daughter was a newborn, who knows if I would’ve had to go through the misery of bottle protests. Now that these bottles are here? I’m crossing fingers for smooth sailing ahead. Jeana

Comotomo silicone baby bottles can be purchased at Target.

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