It’s a clever storage container, a cozy chair, a toy, an ottoman…and it looks just like a giant French cookie. What’s not to love?

Bean bag storage at Cool Mom Picks!

The Storage Bean Bag from Mimish Designs combines almost everything we look for in furniture: hip design, a useful home organization tool, a cozy place to sit, an object that intrigues children to spark imaginative play…and, okay, the looks of a delicious macaron cookie. (Not to be confused with macaroon.)

Available in 14 vibrant colors, each chair is made in the USA of microfiber and cotton, so it’s comfy, it’s filled with post-consumer recycled “beans”, and held together with heavy-duty stitching, because they expect you to use it. A lot. And at 30 inches wide, it provides great storage for seasonal clothes, towels, blankets, or toys–although we bet your kids won’t want to zip a stuffed animal buddy in the darkness for very long. I love that the top part of the bag can also be machine washed–provided you take those beans out first.

Which is easier than removing the filling of a macaron, of course.

Allow us to predict the future for you: the first thing your kids will want to do is turn each other into macaron filling by zipping each other into the storage area. Because, well, that’s exactly what our kids did. Luckily, the folks at Mimish thought ahead, and there are breathable grommet holes around the storage area to guarantee that no one gets hurt.

I suggest you stack your blankets in there right away, which means the kids won’t fit and will be relegated to using your bean bag chair as a Smurf house, a landing pad, or, yes, a giant fancy cookie. Does it come in Lavender-Coriander? –Delilah

Find the Storage Bean Bag through the Cool Mom Picks shop at Luvocracy to help support us, and get more details at Mimish Designs.

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