These hot and humid days of summer have my posse looking pretty sad and sluggish. It’s time to kick things up a notch around here, and we’ve got the perfect CD from fab fellows Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke. So get your groove on and break a sweat to their seriously fun sound. 

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke Pleased to Meet You CD on Cool Mom Picks


{Keep reading after the jump for a chance to win a copy!}

As they’ve done on both Rise and Shine and Hey Pepito!, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke have compiled a totally entertaining group of songs on Pleased to Meet You, a must-have addition to your kindie music collection.

The plucky upright bass, the rapid-strum guitar, driving drums, and Mr. Clarke’s cool British accent on the title song will get you off your seat and wiggling. The clever Animal Alphabet also just bounces–it’s a song we loved so much, in fact, it was our Kids’ Music Download of the Week when it hit the kindie tune scene.

The combination of zany wordplay, interesting character stories, and indie music backing make this a CD my youngest gradeschooler and too-cool-for-school tween both love (now that takes a special kind of magic). Should I be offended that Raised by Trolls is one of their favorites? And Bigga Bagga and Trondaxx Berserker makes my offspring thrash around the living room like I did at clubs in my 20s. In short: this is potent good stuff.

Even something as traditional as a medley of train songs sounds totally fresh in their capable hands. Songs with a lighter touch include Wander Round the World (perfect for this season of family travel) and the pretty Falling Star, a nice reminder to spend at least one summer night just gazing at the sky.  

My favorite track might just be the ska-infused Lazy Raisin–my go-to lyrics when my kids are trying to lounge a sunny day away doing nothing. Get up, kids! We’ve got just the CD to get us moving, even if it’s too hot to move anything but our toes. –Christina

Grab a copy of Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s new CD Pleased to Meet You at our affiliate Amazon. Check out their Soundcloud page to hear the songs on this CD, and more.

Congratulations to Meredith A!  She won a copy of Key Wilde & Mr. Clark’s new CD, Pleased to Meet You. 


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