Israel, London, Venice, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Trinidad, Hawaii–I absolutely loved traveling in my younger years. Though I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything, let’s face it: world travel is not simple (or cheap) when parenthood enters the picture. These days, it seems the farthest I get away is the annual family trek to the Jersey Shore.

Happily I’ve found a wonderful way to satisfy my culture-hungry eyes.

Santiago, Chile World Travel Poster on Cool Mom Picks

 The gorgeous retro-vibe prints in the World Travel poster collection from the Anderson Design Group is where it’s at (and where I wish I could be). Their vintage-style travel posters have a fab Mad Men-esque style that lends an air of mid-century mod to any room needing some pizzazz.

Cairo World Travel Poster on Cool Mom Picks

Great Barrier Reef World Travel Poster on Cool Mom Picks

Paris World Travel Poster on Cool Mom Picks

It’s even a super cool, very non-traditional way to decorate a nursery or kid’s room, and each one offers an amazign color palate to work around.

I am tempted to order up a dozen of these to coat my bedroom wall so I can always envision myself off on a glorious adventure (with a silk scarf tied jauntily around my neck, of course). Well, I’ll always have Paris. And yeah, the Jersey Shore. Stephanie M

Check out the larger collection of groovy poster designs by Anderson Design Group. On the kid-friendly side, we also love the animal-themed pieces from the Mod collection. Feast your eyes on all these goodies over at


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