Just in time for back to school shopping, I am so smitten with these hand-painted, colorful moleskine journals from an Etsy artist who shares my sense of humor and writing geekery.

handpainted moleskine from emdash paper co } cool mom picks

At Em Dash PaperCo you’ll find lots of eye and desk candy, but none so striking as the handpainted Moleskines that come to life with rainbow colors, fun graphics and sayings that those who appreciate the value of a Moleskine should appreciate too.

blahblahblah handpainted moleskine | cool mom picks

handpainted journal | cool mom picks

hadpainted journals from em dashpaper co | cool mom picks

notes for my novel notebook | cool mom picks

As a writer, you can probably imagine Wmy favorite from the shop:

oxford comma moleskine | cool mom picks

Who’s with me? And yeah, I will fight you on it. Probably with a pen. I hear it’s pretty mighty. –Liz

Find handpainted moleskines and other cool paper goods online at Emdash Paper Co on Etsy. And for more great school year, visit our 2013 Back to School Shopping Guide!


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