I love to throw parties for my kids, especially with inspiration from all the great party ideas here on Cool Mom Picks. In particular, I’m always on the lookout for activities where our guests can make cool stuff that they’ll actually want to take home (and their parents won’t hate me for it).

I’m dying to try these watercolor cookies from One Charming Party. Bake sugar cookies, top with a layer of fondant (recipe and how-to video included), and then get creative with the food coloring. Use a paper towel, small sponges, or even a paintbrush to decorate. So cool!

I love that the prep work can be done in advance, so that kids can focus on making watercolor masterpieces. And if you’re concerned about artificial dyes, check out the all-natural food coloring from India Tree. Best of all, you can send the leftovers home with your guests and impress the socks off their parents.

Find all the details for making watercolor cookies at One Charming Party.

{h/t Handmade Charlotte}