Soooo maybe your eyes need a little help like mine. Blame it on lack of sleep or parenting–way easier on the ego than blaming it on age. 

I found a really nice little eyecare system from Bliss that’s been a pleasure to use. I’ve been a longtime fan of Bliss for at least 15 years, in fact. (Still annoyed that they killed off the Big Blue Bar though. Best soap ever.)

Bliss Firm, Baby Firm Total Eye System | Cool Mom Picks


I’m pretty low maintenance with my beauty routine, which is why the Bliss Firm Baby, Firm Total Eye System is making me super happy. It’s two little tubes attached like a single long pen, so it doesn’t have that high-maintenance feeling of a “system” with multiple bottles. You can even tuck it into your toothbrush holder so you don’t forget to use it. Like, uh, I tend to do.

The undereye cream offers nice hydration and doesn’t feel too tacky (even with an aloe base) or slick when I apply makeup soon afterwards. Then there’s a nice firming upper lid gel that seems to help tighten up what’s going on up top. I admit I’m so focused on undereye stuff that I never really think about eyelids. But I’m noticing a nice difference that I like. 

firm baby firm eyecare system from bliss | cool mom picks

Rest assured there are no sulfates or phthalates, and in part the system uses ingredients like gardenia, lavender and phyto-retinoids. It’s definitely more pricey than drugstore brands. But if you think about it, it’s two whole products. And you need only the teeniest little bit each day, so it lasts a good long time. Perfect, because I think I will need eyecare stuff for a good long time.  –Liz

Find the Bliss Firm Baby, Firm Total Eye System online at Sephora.

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