The worst thing about buying baby clothes? The fact that those precious outfits will be outgrown way too fast. While of course lots of us try to hand our baby clothes down or resell them, not all of them are in shape to do that. In fact according to the EPA, Americans toss over 13 million tons of textiles a year with babies’ and kids’ clothes accounting for a hefty percentage of that.

And that’s why we’re loving this seriously revolutionary new planet-friendly approach to babywear.

Kinderstuff organic baby clothing at Cool Mom Picks


Kinderstuff is a company that’s rethinking baby fashion by letting you send in your hand-me-downs and receive discounts on your orders from them.

Kinderstuff uses only 100% organic cotton and non-toxic inks, and is produced in the USA and Germany. While there’s a very limited selection right now, and not every design is our cup of tee, this adorable long sleeve baby tee with purple elbow patches and this unicorn tee, look like works of art. Hopefully more designs will be added soon.

Prices fall aren’t box-store cheap (the tees average about $22), however you get savings off your next order of larger-size clothing, up to size 24 mo, if you return your loveworn hand-me-downs: 10% off if you return 3 tees, and 20% off if you return 5 or more. The part I really love: Kinderstuff then finds a deserving home for your used goods with someone who can use them.

Wonderful.  Melissa

Check out Kinderstuff. Kinderstuff currently offers baby clothes up to 18 months, with bigger kid stuff coming soon.

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