I had a friend who always said “it’s not a dinner party unless there are leftovers” and Thanksgiving is probably the most perfect example of this. So I think this is the most genius idea to get your leftovers home. Unless you want six pounds of stuffing in your fridge?

At TomKat Studio, makers of tons of cute printables (like these personalized party printables), they’ve just come out with a limited time 67-piece Thanksgiving Leftovers Take-Home Kit. For just $29.99, you get eight each of Chinese style take-out boxes, pint containers, mini containers, and even jute twine to wrap it up, and some wooden cutlery.

(Way nicer than plastic, right?)

Thanksgiving Leftovers Printable from TomKat | Cool Mom Picks

Free Thanksgiving Printables from TomKat | Cool Mom Picks

To top it off, the shop has an array of free Thanksgiving printables that are absolutely wonderful. The Thanksgiving Leftovers tag is included, but there’s also gift tags, cupcake toppers, place cards and more. Not sure that hanging a big Thanksgiving banner is my decorating speed personally, but there’s one in there too and it happens to be pretty.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Gift Tags from TomKat | Cool Mom Picks

Kind of nice to know that you can send leftovers home with your guests in style, and not worry about ever getting those platters and storage containers back again. Because in my experience, you probably won’t. At least not until next Thanksgiving. –Liz

Find the Thanksgiving Leftovers Take-Home Kit for a limited time at TomKat Studio, and tons of free Thanksgiving printables