I’m a fan of typography for decorating the kids’ rooms and nurseries. It’s a nice way to change things up from all the cute animals and fairy tale characters that so many of us lean towards. So when I saw this gold-foil printed artwork from The Penny Paper Co, I was like, yep. Have to have that.

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The Don’t Grow Up print is perfect for a child’s room, or at least ours, considering I’m always telling my kids that they’re not allowed to get older. (They ignore me, of course.) But the truth is, I’d love it as an adult too. To say nothing of a twenty-something having trouble making it out of the parents’ house. No judgement.

If you prefer traditional happy colors to gold foil, you can also find the original print in color too.

Order the Don’t Grow Up print in white, or preorder the gold on black version online at The Penny Paper Co. And if you order by Saturday 1/18 you can save 25% with code SOLIDGOLD.


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