When I was a kid, we called the deep purple crayon plain ol’ Violet. Then it was Purple Mountains’ Majesty. Now it can be Titanium (III) Ti3+(aq). Because these Chemistry Crayon Labels turn that 64-count box of childhood’s favorite art medium into a fun lesson about the chemicals that make up every color.

Whether you want a simple 8-pack or are as anxious as a baking soda volcano to splurge on the jumbo 120-pack, the Chemistry Crayon Labels from QueInteresante on Etsy come color-coded to match each crayon. Simply peel the labels off and stick them on your crayons, and hopefully the kids will start asking each other to please pass the Barium Nitrate BA(NO3)2 Flame instead of plain old green.

Art, meet science. Very cool.


Chemistry Crayon Labels from Que Interesante | Cool Mom Picks

I love that they also include an information sheet with a chemistry lesson for “non-chemical people” like me. I am the person who still thinks moles are fuzzy yard pests, and no one trusts me with too much vinegar. I’ll stick to the science crayons, thanks.

Find Chemistry Crayon Labels at Que Interesante on Etsy. They recommend using Crayola crayons for best color matching.