We’ve officially entered sunglass season–although with my girls, every day is sunglass day. And hat day. And hula skirt day, for that matter. And this means I’ve officially started saying “and don’t leave them at school!” every time they walk out the door with said glasses. (I’m admittedly less concerned when they walk out of the house in hula skirts over their jeans.)  So I totally smiled when I saw this tutorial for  DIY glasses chain necklace at Handmade Charlotte that’s perfect for kids.


DIY glasses chain necklace craft project from Handmade Charlotte

Click over for all the directions. It’s not too hard at all.

I bet you could even adapt it so it’s a bit more boy-ish (so to speak) if you have a little dude who sports shades and is prone to losing them too. Plus, it’s a great little craft project for the weekends, and I think my kids will be even more excited to wear their glasses now. Hey, what’s one more accessory when you’re already wearing 32 of them? Seven-year-old girls are not subtle, mamas.

Find the DIY glasses chain necklace craft online at Handmade Charlotte, from Misako Mimoka.