Whether it’s their monthly gift subscriptions that I’ve sent to my nieces, a single-crate birthday gift, or a cool craft project listed on their blog, CMP favorite Kiwi Crate has been keeping kids I know engaged in fun, educational, and creative projects for the past few years since they launched. (Can you tell I love them?) And now they’ve come out with a trio of crates specifically for summer, to help banish the dreaded “b” word that is bound to be uttered after the initial excitement of summer’s arrival has worn off.

With a crate a month beginning in June, Kiwi Crate’s Summer Crate each includes two to three hands-on projects for kids 3-8 that are centered around a specific seasonal theme. June’s  Camping Trip crate, July’s Beach Day crate, and August’s Amusement Park crate sound perfect for keeping little hands busy on a rainy day or on a day when the summer sun is just too hot for running around outside.


Kiwi Crate June craft kit | Cool Mom Picks

Kiwi Crate August craft kit | Cool Mom Picks


One thing I especially like about these summer crates is that the items inside each include ideas for getting outside. Like allowing kids to decorate a mini drawstring backpack using the power of the sun. Or a water-gun squirting game you’ll  definitely want them to take out of doors. Plus each  crate includes Explore! magazine which you can both read while swinging on the hammock (or lying on the couch near the air conditioning.) I love these colorful magazines which delve even deeper into summer info like how the moon affects tides, how amusement park rides work, and even more DIY projects they can do while taking breaks from begging you for more money for the ice cream truck.


Subscribe to Kiwi Crate’s Summer Crates and receive three-months of crates for $60 which includes shipping. Use the code ADVENTURE to get $10 off your purchase, but hurry because this offer ends tomorrow.

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