I have a four-year-old. And in spite of putting him to sleep in his own bed each night, I wake up to his sweet little face beside me in my bed almost every single morning. I’m okay with that, but I am ready for whatever magical solution may keep him in his own bed once in a while so¬†I’m willing to see if¬†the new Aden +¬†Anais toddler bedding¬†bed in a bag does the trick.

This is the¬†same, soft Aden + Anais muslin so many¬†babies these days are being swaddled¬†in¬†(my son, included), but it’s brilliantly designed so that the flat sheet is attached to the fitted. That¬†means those tiny toddler toes stay¬†toasty; plus¬†it’s exceptionally easy to make the bed because you’re never looking for matching sheets. So smart.

aden + anais organic toddler bedding: The top and bottom sheets are brilliantly stitched together

aden + anais new toddler bed sets: comfy and gorgeous


There are¬†many designs that¬†are absolutely fantastic, there’s got to be one your own kid will spark to. And that could be one more reason he may linger in those sheets each morning. I’m partial to¬†the¬†Into the Woods organic fox print¬†myself, but definitely look at all the options on the site.

aden + anais muslin toddler bedding sets in lovely patterns

Aden and Anais new toddler bedding sets are beautiful

aden and anais new muslin sheet sets

aden + anais toddler bedding sets in gorgeous patterns

Now I know¬†the Aden + Anais toddler bedding isn’t exactly the least expensive on the block (the organic versions run you an extra $20 a set), and that toddler bed sheets do have a limited shelf life. But then, if you’re an urbanite with a smaller kid’s room and are using a toddler bed in the first place, you probably know that. I also happen to know¬†some five- and six-year-olds who still sleep in toddler beds, so there is the potential for the sheets to get more than a year or two of use.¬†Plus the set is incredibly comfortable, and includes¬†the flat-fitted sheet combo, a 4-layer muslin dream blanket, plus a small pillow and matching pillow case. So essentially you buy one set and you’re done.

Oh, and about that little boy of mine I kept finding¬†next to me in the mornings? Without a word of a lie, when our¬†Aden + Anais toddler bedding is on his bed, he stays in it all night. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned that’s the ultimate testimonial.

Then again,¬†the question of whether I am okay keeping the sheets on and never waking up next to him again — well, that remains to be seen.

Try the magical Aden + Anais toddler bedding in classic or organic for your little one. We can’t guarantee it will make them sleep through the night, but we can guarantee that it’s beautiful¬†and cozy. Thanks to the company for sending CMP a sample for review.