We’re always looking for ways to keep kids reading, especially once the school year ends and those 20 or 30 or 45 minutes a day aren’t exactly “required” any more. (Well, depending on your house rules.)  Plus, that lure of all that extra daylight after dinner can be pretty tempting. So hey, why not use it get a little more reading time in before bedtime?

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One of the most simple things I’ve done to get my kids excited about books is giving them their own bookmarks. No idea why, but it seems to get them looking forward to opening the page again each night before bed, just to look at that pretty narrow strip inside. Whatever it may be.

So here are a few free printable bookmarks I really like for kids, that I’ve found online.

You can print them on heavy card stock, and if you’re inclined, have them laminated and even punch a hole at top to add a ribbon. Totally optional.

As for us, our ritual is allowing my kids to browse through single option at least four times, click on each page, then let them spend a good six to eight hours each deciding which one is the most perfect one.

Which is why I usually throw up my hands and end up printing out a whole bunch for them.

Free printable bookmarks from Alpha Mom: Beautifully illustrated!

Free printable illustrated bookmarks from Alpha Mom (Also shown at top)

Free printable I love reading bookmarks at Elegance + Enchantment

Free printable bookmarks at Elegance and Enchantment.

Free printable bookmarks for kids at Tickled Peach Studio

Free printable bookmarks for kids at Tickled Peach Studio


Free printable woodland creature bookmarks from Meteor Mermaid

Free printable woodland animal bookmarks at Meteor Mermaid


Free printable kawaii girl bookmarks | The Pigtails

Free printable kawaii girl bookmarks from The Pigtails (page from Google cache)


Free printable bookmarks for kids from Craftionary

Free printable motivational bookmarks from Craftionary

Free printable

Free printable “to be continued” bookmarks by Little White While, for This Little Street