Sometimes it’s the little things. The totally unnecessary but love-it-want-it-now little things. Like this adorable whale reading chair from Sprout. It’s a sweet and modern rocking chair for toddlers to climb in, sit and chill, read a book, or just hang out while you’re cooking dinner (or, uh, checking email).

Do I need it? No.

Do I want it? Yes.


Read -- and rock -- in this cool whale reading chair from Sprout.

Don't you just love kids' furniture that stores well? The new whale reading chair from Sprout fits that bill.

All of Sprout’s kids furniture has cool, minimalist design. You do have to build it yourself at home (no tools needed!) but the instructions are so simple you’re likely to have it together in no time (they say 5 minutes). The hardest part for me in constructing it was the brute force needed to slide the pieces together. That said, the joints are so tight that I’m certain it won’t collapse when my kid jumps on in. In fact, it’s so sturdy it can hold up to 150 pounds, which means even a small adult could get in there, if you could squeeze into that tiny seat.

The chair can also flip on its end so you can stash it in a corner if you need to clear up floor space in a hurry. And with my smallish living-room-slash-playroom, this is a big selling point for me.

You can find Sprout’s cute whale reading chair in dark gray, white, or lime green at their website or our affiliate Amazon. Thanks Sprout for sending CMP a chair for review consideration. Clearly, we love it.