It’s probably one of my kids’ least favorite things to talk about these days: Summer reading. Which is odd, because they really do love to read. They just don’t like¬†someone else telling them what they have to read — and when to read it. Recently, though, a friend recommended this very easy tip: Invest in a summer reading journal to make the required reading a bit more exciting.

I decided it was worth a try, and so, I picked up this¬†Reading Journal for Kids¬†(available from our affiliate Amazon, in¬†different versions for kids’ ages and reading levels) to help my kids note¬†few thoughts about the¬†books they’re required to read¬†this summer, plus get some practice with their handwriting in the process, and I have to say, we really like it.

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Need help getting your kids to tackle their summer reading list? Try this summer reading journal.

Help kids think about what they're reading, with this smart summer reading journal.


Of course, you could just purchase a cheaper blank notebook and let them write freely, but I think this one, with its guided journaling, helps motivate my kids a bit more.

Younger kids can rank books on a 5-star system and mark whether they read the book or someone read it to them, while older kids are asked to draw a picture from the book, even come up with a new title to the book. Love these creative touches and smart ways to challenge their critical thinking.

This journal was published in England originally, however, so note that some of those British spellings carry over in the editions sold in the US too. But, hey, even I learnt something new. Ha.

You can find the Reading Journal for Kids at our affiliate Amazon to get your kids started on their summer reading lists.

Note: the price on these journals for older kids have changed since this post was written. We found this similar Reading Log for elementary aged kids for much less.