My idea of a perfect day? Relaxing at the beach with a fun read while the kids play in the waves and never argue. Not even once. Okay, maybe that’s not so realistic, but what might make me almost as happy is a beach towel that sand won’t stick to. So, as you might guess, I was very excited to discover this new sand-free beach towel and put it to the test.

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The construction of Sandusa sand-free beach towels (that’s pronounced “san-doosa,” by the way) is pretty smart, I must admit. The front side is cotton, so it feels soft and comfortable just like an ordinary beach towel. But it has a waterproof backing that sand won’t stick to. You can literally pick it up and walk away, leaving all that sand at the beach where it belongs. That lining does make it thicker than your average beach towel, which is a little awkward if you’re tying it around your waist, but with a few washes it softens up.

Even if you aren’t headed to the beach, though, I think this waterproof backing might be really helpful — say, for wrapping up wet clothes or to lay across pool deck chairs after a summer rainstorm. Now, if only someone could please invent sand-repellent sunscreen.

You can find Sandusa sand-free beach towels at our affiliate Amazon or on their website. Thanks, Sandusa, for sending us a towel to test out.