When we lived in a big city, my kids loved to watch teens skateboarding to school. There was this effortless coolness to gliding along, flipping the board, tossing it over a shoulder, and hopping on a bus. If you think your kids might be a great age for rolling up the sidewalk by your side but don’t want to carry those skateboards home yourself, here’s a great way to combine skateboards with school supplies. Bonus: No more back-to-school backpack shopping.

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Penny Skateboards is known for well-made boards in collectible colors, and they now offer a series of backpacks made to perfectly fit and carry their fierce Original 22″ or 27″ ‘Nickel‘ boards. (Not sure which size your kid needs? Check out their Size Me Up guide for tips.)

How cool is this sunset-style kid-sized skateboard with backpack from Penny Skateboards?

Donuts anyone? Love this too-cool-for-school Penny Skateboards

You can mix and match your skateboard and backpack at Penny Skateboards

The Penny backpack is also a looker and a heavy-duty carry-all made of durable 600D polyester, that works great even without a board attached. It’s got the requisite padded laptop sleeve, plus tons of zippers, pockets, and drink holders, and the reviews say it’s wide enough to fit big binders too.

You can mix and match your skateboard and backpack, but if you let Penny pick your backpack and board combo, you get a little deal on the pricing, which is a nice perk since the boards themselves cost anywhere from $100–$140 when they’re not on sale.

Totally worth the price, though, in my opinion, to be like the hella coolest rad mom gleaming the cube.

That’s a little skateboard talk for you. Trust me. Your kids will love it.