If you’ve ever struggled to find stylish, quality work clothes — let alone the time to buy them — the new Savitude app and Savitude website are about to make it easier than ever.  Especially if you’re switching careers, returning to work post-baby, or just trying to update your wardrobe for the new season without spending time you don’t have.

What makes Savitude different is a clever “shape-driven” shopping experience that helps you build a personalized, curated list of clothing options that’s just perfect for your own body type and tastes, thanks to combo of expert guidance and smart technology.

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Savitude lets you shop for the perfect work wardrobe based on body type + style

The Savitude app lets you find the most flattering work wardrobe based on body type, then shop from the app with a discount

The app has just launched with five stylish, high-quality, beloved workwear brands for women including LM StyleBar, Paula Hain and Karen Klein, with more being added in the coming weeks and month, from major retailers to up-and-coming designers. You even get free shipping and returns, should you want to try something else.

Just download the app for iOS or visit the website and answer a few questions to help identify your own body type, then browse with confidence.

In other words, no straight sheath dresses for curvy gals, no spaghetti straps for you double-D’s. Just modern, work-appropriate outfits to help you look your best.

Because confidence is always in style.

EXTRA COOL: Get to be among the first to try out this new shape-driven shopping experience! The first 20 people to download the Savitude app get an automatic $20 credit in their account, and EVERYONE who shops via Savitude.com or via the iOS app saves 15% on purchases with code CoolMom15 when you shop now through 11/30/16.

Plus, there’s always free shipping and free returns.


This has been a sponsored message from our sponsor, Savitude.