I’m not going to lie, this past year, and especially what’s going on in this country right now has been really hard on me. Really hard, and really stressful. And while I’m the queen of self-care and would love any of the self-care gift ideas in our Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide, I’m finding I’d also be okay with something a bit stronger to take the edge off. Responsibly, of course.

(Hey, I’m still a parent.)

So, I’ve combed through our holiday gift guides and put together my picks for 5 cocktail gifts I really want to find in my stocking this Christmas. In other words, cheers to more cheer!

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1. Personalized Top-Shelf Liquor Bottle

Personalized Top-Shelf Liquor Bottle at Etching Expressions | Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide 2016

My #1 drink of choice is tequila. Really good Blanco tequila makes me very, very happy. And having my own personalized liquor bottle full of the good stuff would make me even happier. Etching Expressions is the place to go because they’ll basically customize it to say anything you want, and I’m thinking “Gilmore Girl” would be muy bueno. (Because of my name, not the show. Well, both.)


2. Urban Agriculture Co. Cocktail Kit

The Urban Agriculture Co. cocktail kit is on my list of 5 cocktail gifts I want in my stocking. | Cool Mom Eats Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I am not only a fan of artisanal cocktails but I’ve been wanting to grow my own herbs so this Urban Agriculture Co. cocktail kit kills two birds with one stone. I’ll take the Mint Mojito kit please (shown at the top), because it’s hard to be stressed out with a tall glass of cool, refreshing mint, rum, and lime. Ahhhh…


3. Personalized Drink Stirrers

Personalized drink stirrers from California Lustre | Cool Mom Eats Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Since I’ll be drinking more cocktails, I like the idea of some fancy stirrers to class them up. I would love to have a set of these personalized drink stirrers by California Lustre that I found on our 2016 Cool Mom Eats Holiday Gift Guide. With my initials “GG” — in sparkly gold, please!


4. McCrea’s Candies Single Malt Scotch Caramels

McCrea's Candies Single Malt Scotch Caramels | Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I love caramels and when they’re spiked with Scotch, even better. So a container of McCrea’s Candies Single Malt Scotch Caramels from our list of Boozy Hostess Gifts, is on my own list for those times I need a little indulgence. Whether I’m hosting something or not.


5. Kelly + Jones Notes of Wine Perfume

Kelly + Jones fragrances capture the notes of good Napa wines | Cool Mom Eats 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s a time and place for imbibing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little wine before noon — but only in the form of a tiny spritz of a Kelly + Jones wine fragrance perfume behind my ears. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like you spilled wine on yourself, it just captures the fragrant notes of good Napa wines.

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